Thursday, 19 October 2017

Day of the Dead by Hannah Oxberry

Hi all, Hannah here today with a Halloween inspired project!

This "Day of the Dead" panel gives a bit of a different take on the traditional Halloween style.

Using a 8x8" panel, and Andy Skinners Day of the Dead stencil, I have drawn modelling paste through the stencil to create a raised image on the background.
Once the modelling paste is completely dry I painted the panel in a layer of white gesso.
I have introduced a wash of Prussian Blue Hue along with a wash of Paynes Grey, letting the washes pool around the raised areas as well as building intensity towards the edges of the panel.

Laying the stencil back over the skull image, I painted over the raised areas with white gesso and then a range of bright colours. To knock the colours back, I dry brushed the panel which also highlights the texture.

To add character to the piece, I created a crown of paper flowers painted in some of the same colours as the skull.

I also added a graduated pearl necklace as another little detail!

I hope you hav enjoyed this project, until next time - happy crafting!

Friday, 13 October 2017

Oct Sponsor Sin City - Butterfly Love by Cathy Frailey

Hello everyone!  I’m here to show of this incredible rubber stamp set from Sin City Stamps.  And it is aptly named – Love of Butterflies - love, love, love the butterflies!!

I got this set and was blown away! These are awesome, gorgeous, beautiful – and any other adjective you can think of!  They come in one rubber sheet that you have to cut apart so I set about snipping away and started to play around a little.

First, I want to show you what the stamps look like stamped on regular white paper because the things I’m playing around with and the different backgrounds won’t have the same effects.

 Aren’t they gorgeous!?  Music and butterflies melded together.  All kinds of sizes and designs!

I had a scrap of cardboard that I painted black, then used a fork to make swirly designs.

I then chose the next size down from the largest butterfly and did 3 different prints. The first one I rubbed pearlescent crackle paste on.

The second one I used my gold stamp pad, and the third I embossed with a coppery glitter powder.

As you can see , the stamp picked up the texture of the carboard and the swirlies.  Then, it was time for color and here’s the result!

It’s a great size butterfly stamp (2.5” x 3.5”) that takes any type of media as you can see.  Even though the stamp has writing, it is versatile with different types of media for different results!

I chose to stamp the rest of the set onto watercolor paper to fool around with my oil pastels.  A couple of stenciled sentiments and it was complete – easy!

I really enjoyed using this stamp set from Sin City Stamps – they have a wide variety of stamps in all types of styles. You’re sure to find at least one thing that you simply must have!

Cathy x

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Black Art Journal by Kate Dachovska (Video Tutorial)

Hi, I would like to share with you my black-gold-silver art journal video tutorial. It was really relaxing to create it and I hope I will inspire you.

Some close ups of the detail:

Have a nice day!

Pebeo - black gesso, black acrylic paint
Finnabair - Silver crackle paste, Gold crackle paste
Colourcraft - Aztec craft paints - mettalics, Acrylic shimmer mists - gold, silver
Tim Holtrz sticker, La blanche stamp, Derwent graphic pens

Monday, 9 October 2017

Be True to You by Anita (using the free Printables from Issue 9)

Hello and welcome,
October 1st, there was a new issue of Mixed Up Magazine, and in this issue I present this project where I have used the free gift of Printables from Mixed Up Merchandise that comes with the magazine.

Here's a little more information on how I made it:

The background/fence are ice sticks that my four year old daughter has gathered for me after she has eaten her ice cream.  I have washed them and painted them, first with a darker green color, then I used Tim Holtz crackle paint and on top of that I used a lighter green color.

I have colored the ribbons and the shoes of the girls red and yellow to match the flowers. I have used black pen around the people and brown distress ink around the edge of the other elements.

I punched holes in two of the sticks to pull the rope through and hang it up on the wall.

These free Printables are so fun! There is a lot of possibilities. Get yours free with the latest issue, available here.

Thank you for visiting. 

Hugs, Anita 

Friday, 6 October 2017

Reversed Canvas by Anita Sæløen

Hello, Anita here today with my first blog post for MixedUp Magazine. I want to show you step by step how I made this reversed canvas:

I started with a canvas in the size 20 cm x 19,5 cm and reversed it. Then I gessoed it and let it dry. Then I painted the frame with brown acrylic paint.

Meanwhile I printed the printables from MixedUp Merchandise I want to use in this project and began to figure out where I wanted the different pieces.

I painted the frame in brown and turquoise acrylic paint, and let it dry.

I decided to use a design sheet as "wallpaper" in the background. 

Then I started collecting all the pieces and the papers and trying to figure out how I wanted it all.

I had this cardboard thing (as I can not remember what is called) in my stash and decided to emboss this one in turquoise and brown.

I then began to paste the paper around the edge of the frame with soft matt gel. I used it both under and over the printables. I also decided to use a Tim Holtz ruler. 

I fussy cut the little people and glued them down under a film trip as I have painted black. I also glued down some rope, a butterfly, an Tim Holtz embellishment which says "Evidence", and some flowers on the embossed cardboard. I also embossed the butterfly in the same color as the cardboard.
Finaly I fussy cut to of the girls in full sizes and glued them in the front of the frame. I used some pink watercolor to color their cheeks.

Here are some details:

Printables which I have used to this project is:

Thank you so much for stopping by today. Hope you get inspired and want to make something with the MixedUp Magazine printables

Hugs, Anita

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Heart Mender by Leslie Lineberry

There's a machine for that, right?   

Art is my bandaid and Heart Mender, my new mixed media canvas featuring DecoArt products, is proof of that. Hopefully, it is also the first in a series of found object assemblages I have planned called There's a Machine For That.

When I was maybe six or seven, I began designing crayon-colored machines made of paper and lots of tape - hmmm, early media mixing. I remember so clearly coloring and cutting out 'sort-of-circular' coins to give to my parents and grandparents to insert in my paper 'vending' machines. When they put a coin in the slot, I would drop a 'prize' for them to pick up off the floor. Soon, they gave me a puppy... Looking back, my family probably thought I needed something to occupy my time. A lot has changed since way back then, but this remains the same: I still love 'making machines'!

I began by applying gesso to the reverse side of a 11 x 14 inch canvas. Wanting multiple layers to represent life itself, I added modeling paste (with and without stencils), texture sand paste, interfacing and cardboard. Components of the machine followed: an old Hawthorne Strainer with the spring and handle removed, a doll arm, clock parts, a clothes pin spring, and miscellaneous hardware and gears. Another generous coat of black gesso, modeling paste and crackle paste were applied next.

While these last layers were drying I started working on a couple of embellishments. I had found an Oatey test plug fitting at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore which was a perfect addition to my machine. I roughed up the surface with sandpaper and prepared it for 'rusting' with black gesso. Texture paste, DecoArt Liquid Glass, a wing nut, a screw, a broken lock part and paint completed this component. 

My 'heart that needed mending' was formed with polymer clay, as were the large bolt heads.

Setting aside these completed embellishments, I went to work on my outer walls by cutting four pieces of foam board. I composed the right and left sides with the addition of cardboard, crackle medium, paint and antiquing cream. On the top and bottom, I applied texture sand paste through Andy Skinner's 'Industrial Elements' Stencil. I wrapped these pieces with wire-edged ribbon, 'cooked' them with a heat gun and finished with crackle paste, paint and antiquing cream.

Time to paint my background. I selected a color palette of blue-greens, yellow-golds, reds and browns using two different DecoArt Lines: Media Fluid Acrylics and Americana Acrylics. Misting water on the wet paints helped the colors meld and seep into all the textures and cracks. I attached my off-canvas parts and pieces, including the 'keep out' phrase treated with crackle paste and weathered wood crackle medium. I 'sealed the deal' with DecoArt's Ultra Matte Varnish.

All that was left was to 'crank up' the Heart Mender, but then again it was already 'on' as soon as I sat down to create it. 

As always, thank you for spending a little bit of your art time with me.  I cannot tell you how much it means to me!


Product List
DecoArt Media Mediums:  Gesso, Modeling Paste, Texture Sand Paste, White Crackle Paste, 1 Step Clear Crackle Glaze, Liquid Glass and Ultra Matte Varnish
DecoArt Fluid Acrylics: 'Quinacridone Gold', 'Transparent Red Iron Oxide', 'Burnt Sienna', 'Blue Green Light', 'Pthalo Turquoise', 'Raw Sienna' and 'Yellow Oxide'
DecoArt Antiquing Creams:  'Patina Green' and 'Raw Umber'
DecoArt Media Stencils: Andy Skinner's 'Industrial Elements'
DecoArt Americana:  'Weathered Wood Crackle Medium'; Acrylic Paints in 'Dark Chocolate', 'Antique Gold', 'Burnt Orange', 'Bittersweet Chocolate', 'Burnt Sienna' and 'Deep Burgundy'.

11 x 14 canvas, black gesso, cardboard, foam board, Fimo polymer clay, Weldbond, string, StayFlo Liquid Starch, interfacing, screen, wire-edged ribbon and miscellaneous found objects

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Rust and Decay

I have used and loved Tando Creative products for some time now and you can make fabulous projects with them!
 This is the Mini Mask Binder for storing Tando's mini stencils.

 It has a standard size ring binder mechanism.

 I also used some of the chipboard pieces from the Industrial Elements kit designed by Andy Skinner.

I roughly got an idea of the pieces I would use and where and then got stuck into decorating and creating textures with DecoArt Media paints and Mediums.
Firstly I used a craft knife to take the edges off the folder to make it look more naturally aged then I applied DecoArt Media Texture Sand Medium and Crackle Paste (white) randomly to the outer surface. This has to dry naturally so you have to have patience for this part, if you try to heat the surface the crackle won't work.

This is how it turns out (the thicker the Crackle Paste, the bigger the cracks).

Using an Andy Skinner technique I added a 'rusty' look to the edges of the folder over the Texture Sand - Firstly I put on watered down DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics in Payne's Grey when dry I added a watered down layer of Quinacridone Gold Fluid Acrylic, I also let this drip down.

 I also painted the inside with the same colours, Payne's Grey and Quinacridone Gold, and stamped a crackle stamp on the surface.

The outside needed some colour so I added a layer of  blue (Primary Cyan Fluid Acrylic).

 For the cog decoration, I added a little bit of Texture Sand (this gives a real 'rust' effect).

When dry I added more 'rust'. I put on a watered down layer of DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic in Payne's Grey patchily to the elements.

Then I added a watered down layer of DecoArt Fluid Acrylics in Quinacridone Gold this is such a quick and easy way to get the rust effect.( I also used crackle glaze on the book plate shape).

 I added these rusty elements to my finished folder (gluing them in place with DecoArt Matte Decou-page Glue) To give a final touch I used DecoArt Metallic Lustre in Rose Gold just to the edges of the cogs and bolts to make them look more metallic.

  Here's a few close ups

I also made a quick video to show you what I am going to use my new folder for.

Materials used:
Tando Creative Mini Mask Binder
Tando Creative Industrial Elements
DecoArt Media Texture Sand 
DecoArt Media Crackle Paste (White)
DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics in Payne's Grey, Quinacridone Gold, Primary Cyan
DecoArt Metallic Lustre - Rose Gold
Stampendous Andy Skinner stamp set -  Toxic - ASCRS06

Thanks for looking,